Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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After recharging, he inserted his right arm into the rock and lifted it up. He started swinging his boxing glove. He then started to go through his hand katas, focusing on believing the rock fist was his fist.

He pulled it off, recharged quickly, not as tired this time, just using his muscles.

And then he powered up and packed down his right fist. He focused on the feelings he had with that rock boxing glove. As he went through the same set of hand katas, he actually felt that same drag and slowness as earlier. It was just as hard to change course during a swing.

He was watching his focus, his imaginary target, so he didn't see the illusory orange rock wrapped around his fist. Sure, the rock wasn't orange, but he had another image in his imagination. Instead of Danny Rand, he was manifesting Ben Grimm, the Thing!

Unlike when he had a real rock as a boxing glove and despite not striking anything, he quickly burned through his Qi reserves. He had to stop. He was pretty content with his first attempt at a Spiritual Technique.

He finally had a trump card!

He calmed down and then recorded the whole process onto the jade slip into "da_rock". He could run that in the background and focus on the fight itself. He tried to always make sure he understood the full process before he recorded something.

Arthur realized he could use different minerals to evolve this fist, Stone, Iron, and finally Diamond Fist. He also remembered that Danny Rand tempered his fists by striking and immersing his fists in various minerals.

Chapter 12: Into the zone, or a murder hobo is born

He basically had three background tasks running:

1) Cultivate Spiritual Essence into Spiritual Qi 2) Refine the Yin Linking Meridian, and 3) Keep his right fist powered up to form Stone Fist.

The main problems was making sure to detect whenever he got close to advancing a level with his Dantian or establishing a connection to a Meridian. He had some great options to put those tasks on hold, so he was banking on his earlier transitions to help him detect the next ones.

He thought power loss would be the major worry, but until he launched a Stone Fist, he had a positive gathering of Spiritual Qi. Actually, his one Martial technique was pretty low powered and if it wasn't for the fact that he just developed it, the overall effort would decline.

He wandered the forest for a couple of days, gathering beast cores and stabilizing his feelings. He slowly came to grips with his blatant murder of Spirit Beasts. His agreement with The Duck was an adventure and he finally had enough might and gall to have fun. He went from puking his guts out to a wild thrill when he killed a beast.

The best time was when he saw his Stone Fist in action, he was mighty tempted to yell "It's Clobbering Time!", but he was sure if the Disney lawyers were able to transmigrate to this world or not. It would be a shame if his adventure ended with a cease and desist court order.

He had become very comfortable with his fighting style and had noticed a gradual increase in the quality of combat with the beasts. In fact, the last core was a level 3 Green Checked Feral Moggy - he almost

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