Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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"Pop fly!"

That right foot swung and struck his face. His head arced backwards and the blood from his nose arced upwards. Luckily no teeth came out. The no fight teens rule also followed the blood.

Arthur tucked into a ball and whipped his legs over. His landing would have gotten a 7.9 from the Russian judge. And for an American gymnast, that is the same as a perfect 10.

The left hand extend forwards and the right hand raised up and over his head.

The girl also landed, classic Superman pose, kneeling, right fist down. She was all attitude, "Bring it bitch!"

They both screamed "Hai" and jumped at each other. Being stronger than most mortals, the seven feet was covered in a blink. Arthur expected her favorite right foot, so he blocked it was his left arm. He felt it pop out of the shoulder socket.

But that left his Stone Fist free to knock her upside the head. This time she was the one to fly backwards, with blood streaming out of her gums.

Great he thought, my first real fight and it is with Kim Possible. Wait, here comes Ron Stoppable, except I don't see Rufus. Crap, that makes me Dr. Drakken?

He shook his head, get back in the fight!

The bat, er, make that staff, was swung at his nose again. He quickly blocked it with the Stone Fist, but moving at all was awkward. He couldn't balance properly with a left arm hanging down. Time to go all Mel Gibson.

He ran back over to his tree and slammed his left shoulder into it. Now you tell me, you watch something five or six times on TV, and it ain't Myth Busters, should it work? Well it did, his left arm pop back into his shoulder at the same time the staff slammed right across his back. "Just die fool!"

He bounced back into the tree and flopped to the ground. He quickly rolled to the right and bounced back up into his starting stance.

When Marty swung at him again, he grabbed the staff with his left hand, pulled against it, and arched up his right foot across Marty's noggin.

Marty dropped the staff and stumbled backwards. A possible concussion? "You wouldn't dare touch me! Do you know who I am? My Sect will hunt you down"

Arthur had been waiting for this famous Wuxia moment. This was the quintessential defining moment, do you all others to walk all over you while you are scared to walk over them. There was only one answer on the Martial Way. It didn't matter if the kid couldn't shave...

He wound up the Stone Fist and caved in Marty's skull. Before he stomach could strike, he stomped on Cecila's throat, ending her too.

And then, he didn't walk off into the Sunset, no, he finally puked his guts out and cried. His cherry shouldn't have gone to some innocent kid.

He pawed though their sacks, some skins, teeth, eyeballs, and herbs. A little silver, no jade slips or notebooks. No jewelry, but two Sect badges. He piled the badges and personal stuff on the two bodies. He managed to start a fire with the camp gear.

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