Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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Arthur gave a snort, but Bo had really helped him grasp some of the mechanics of punching and kicking, so he bowed his head and have Bo a cupped fist.

He then walked over to Hung and held out his hand, "Here, let me help you up. It looks like you got your bell rung."

Hung grinned, he was pretty happy with the stranger for both guarding him and calming down little Bo. "Was it Nellie? Little girl with a mean left foot..."

As Arthur pulled him up, "Probably, she was kicking at anything that moved."

Hung continued, "She has connected her left foot Meridian to her Yin Linking Meridian, so she has a lot of power with that kick."

Arthur had so many questions related to both martial arts and cultivation, but he did not want to expose himself as a non-native of this world. "I'm Qian Arthur and you are Tang Hung? Why did your friends leave us?"

Hung grimaced, his shame would already be exposed. "My Dantian is blocked, I can neither cultivate nor use spiritual energy. I am trash they left on the side of the road."

Arthur noted that Bo teared up then, perhaps this was the real reason he was afraid earlier. He knew his dad could not protect him? "And the Devil Dog Martial Arts Studio, does it have students?"

Hung's head continued to hang down, "It used to be those kids you just saw, but now it is for poor mortals and the very young. Bo is now an advanced student"

Arthur's final question, "And Bo, can he practice spiritual energy arts?"

Hung was even more ashamed, "No, I can't open his Dantian any more and I can't afford to have it done. I was looking in Moldeen for a 100 year old dreamy glistening cactus."

Arthur could leave, but this was another golden opportunity. Where everyone else saw some trash to take out, he saw some trash to mine for nuggets of gold. "Tang Hung, I am just as trashy. I only this morning opened my Dantian. I know I am too old, my potential is non-existent, but I have always wanted to cultivate! Teach me Kung Fu at your Devil Dog Martial Arts Studio..."

Now it was Arthur's turn to hang his head low - he could not show any pride or disrespect. He cupped his fist, remembering Bo's advice. What he didn't notice was the look of wonderment on Bo's face. He knew how cultivators treated his father, and it was not with respect. He started silently nodding his head towards his dad.

While Hung was desperate for a friend, he could not afford to run a charity house. "Can you pay? Do you have a job? Wait, what are you doing out here anyway? Did you steal something to open your Dantian?"

Arthur realized now was the time to hold his head up high, "I have some silver, I don't know how much. I can help out in the studio, but if that isn't enough, I can take odd jobs." He paused briefly.

And now the lies had to begin, "I'm actually not from this continent. I am lost. I was running from a mob and was chased into a cave. There was this bright light all of a sudden and then I was floating in a void. I woke up this morning and I discovered my Dantian was open."

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