Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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and was trying to entice him. The thing about Wuxia was it was all in the story gimmicks. Would it be that way in real life? Evidently he only had one chance at a gimmick, so it would have to be awesome.

"Cultivation? Okay, I can see fixing my immune system and I can kinda see getting younger. Won't my bone age eliminate me from some competitions or joining a sect?" Jack started zeroing in on the payload.

The Duck started paddling in the pond, when did a pond appear? "No, it is a little known fact that bone age only starts when you start cultivating. You will look old, but your true age will appear to be as an infant."

Jack had only one major point stopping him now - as a matter of fact, his was willing to sacrifice that if needed, "Well then, what are my choices for cultivation method?"

The Duck thought as it steamed around the pond, "Nothing which is body specific, mystical, immortal, etc."

Jack started scheming, "Can you tell me if there is one for alchemy, tools, runes, formations, etc?"

The Duck laughed back at him, "No, no spoilers for you. I'll let you pick one of those, I'll even guarantee it will work where you are going. But no guarantee it will help you survive."

That little splash of reality quickly grounded Jack. His first priority was to survive long enough to grow strong. Should he get a method which would allow him to speedily advance? Should he focus on physical body cultivation? After all, he could find a better process after he managed to survive long enough.

"No spoilers, no guarantee other than whatever I pick will work. My choices are between easiness, quickness, and completeness. Do you have one which does everything?"

The Duck giggled, "My favorite word is no. You can pick one attribute and I'll give you the best method available for it. It may not be the best method available for you and it may paint you into a corner, but meh, I'll survive!"

Jack could feel The Duck was starting to tire of the conversation. Evidently he was playing by quadrupling down. Getting past The Duck was hit first hurdle.

"I should go for easy to learn or even quickest to advance, but I'll pick the one which completes my foundations the best. Each time before I advance a breakthrough, I want the best possible foundation I can have."

The Duck snorted out green pus, "What, no one asks for that one! Pick something else."

Jack could feel his gimmick - his one chance - was slipping away. "No is your favorite word after all. I'll go with deep foundations"

The Duck sighed, "I don't even have a slip prepared for this one. I don't even recall the last time it was used. Brat, you are luckier than you know!"

Jack was overjoyed - the very first time he was called brat. He was hoping for many more to come!

The Duck let him have his moment in the sun and burned an image on a jade slip. "Okay, I've keyed this slip to you - you'll wake up with this and some basic clothes, food, silver, and I'll even give you some 100 year

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