Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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old dreamy glistening cactus. With your body, you will need it to open up your Dantian."

Actually, as The Duck spoke, Jack sprouted some simple cotton clothes, a backpack, and a water skin. The backpack felt slightly full. "Wait, before you give me the jade slip, how can I prevent being the rich man if I have it?"

The Duck laughed, "You should memorize it!"

Jack's demeanor slipped, "Ten years ago or ten years from now, maybe. But with my sickness as it is now, I'm lucky if I can remember my address. Please give me a way to hide it. I'm sure it will cause problems otherwise."

The Duck thought about it, the brat was right. Before he did his spirit quest, the jade slip would cost him his life. The Duck wasn't heartless, a quintuple disadvantage was too much. He actually wanted Jack in the world, having a grand adventure. The more impact Jack had, the more advantage to his next advancement.

"Okay, I can pour in a little more effort and refine it for you. Normally you would need to open up your Dantian to refine it and store it. Here, take the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether method and good luck with it!"

The jade slip zipped over, pegging him on the forehead. Jack felt it pierce his skull and it lodged somewhere in his cranium! "Augh, take it out, take it out!" he screamed in pain.

Disdainfully, The Duck looked and said, "That is the most minor of pains you will face on your path. It is okay to hurt, it is not okay to show the hurt. As a Westerner, you will have problems adapting to the Eastern culture. It is best to learn quickly to fit in."

Jack continue to whimper as The Duck continued, "Try it now, access the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether method and good luck with it!"

As Jack raised his hand up to his forehead, instead of wet blood, he felt smooth skin. Actually, there was a little vertical scab forming. It was very light and you had to know it was there or you could not find it. He couldn't find the slip, he didn't know how to access his Dantian and he knew it wasn't in his skull.

But as he tried to access the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether method, a book entered his sight, in his sea of consciousness. It was hard viewing it with The Duck there, so he closed his eyes. "No dummy, keep them open - if you can comprehend the slip as you interact with the world, the benefits will be huge later on."

The Duck seemed to forget his resolve to limit his help to Jack. Perhaps it was because Jack wasn't scheming to take advantage, but was honestly struggling. Jack's eyes popped open - lesson learned - don't take the easy way. He didn't realize he wasn't reading English as he skimmed over the introductory chapter.

The Duck quipped, "Okay, last thing, the name Jack Lee won't fly and you need a true name before I can send you through the curtain of reality."

Jack replied, "Lee could be Li, perhaps Li Tangjie?"

The Duck snorted again, "You think I don't know who is Jet Li? The issue isn't the Western name - it just has to be your true name. Pick something."

"Chen Zhen or Huo Yuanjia?" Jack tried to keep a straight face.

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