Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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detect any Yuan Qi in my body. Perhaps I don't have any?"

Tang Hung said, "We teach our kids how to do this very early such that we they do unlock their Dantians, they do not have to think about it. Unlike Cultivation methods or techniques, this skill is not restricted by Sects or Clans. I can teach it to you. As a matter of fact, lets start now" And he indicated that Arthur should assume the lotus position.

"Much like the Horse stance for Martial Arts, the lotus position is the backbone for cultivation. Now let your thoughts and worries go. Do not focus on your efforts to cultivate or your failures. Do not focus on detecting your Yuan Qi. Instead, focus on your breath as we practice some Mudras and Pranas. At all times, follow your breath as it cycles through your body."

Chapter 8: Charging up the Dantian or hey, 2 year olds can do this, why can't you?

This lesson went on for 90 minutes and at the end, Tang Hung showed Qian Arthur a sequence he could follow. He actually would not let Arthur go until he could perfectly reproduce the sequence.

What he didn't know was that Arthur decided to cheat. He didn't have perfect memory, but he figured out how to load programs on to the jade slip embedded in his skull. When he ran "openings", the output acted on hid body. He reasoned that if he captured the standard input from something he did in his body, he could create a program.

So the one of the times that he showed Hung his sequence, he created an executable called "yuanqi_practice". He then ran it a couple of times to make sure it worked. Once Hung stopped him, he started running it in a non-stop loop in the background. As far as Hung could tell, he just thought Arthur was repeating the sequence every now and then, so he complimented him on his diligence.

"Once you master this, you'll eventually feel your Yuan Qi moving along with your breath. I can't tell you how many times it will take. Also, while doing it as often as possible is okay, you have to not consciously look for the Yuan Qi. Instead, you have to passively live in the moment. Eventually you will realize that you have been feeling the Yuan Qi for quite some time."

Arthur listened to the teacher, "So I can't cultivate until then, right? Oh, by the way, why shouldn't I open my Linking Meridians again?"

There was a little smirk on Tang Hung's face. "When you get to the Xiantian Realm, your body's Meridians as a whole will open up. But before you get to that Realm, it is very important to squeeze out your potential. That means focusing on refining your Dantian and not your Meridians."

"Yes, there are some short term benefits, someone with their hand Meridians opened can kick-start the opening of the Dantian in another. But, most people only do that if they have little potential. It is a very lucrative profession, but it leads to one leaving the path of the Dao."

Arthur pondered this for a bit, the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether had these down as a core requirement for a solid foundation. "Is the issue taking the time or the energy?"

Hung replied, "Both, it is impossible to do two things at once and your energy has to build up in your Dantian. If you use it to activate a Meridian, then from then on you also have to cycle through those Meridians when you process Spiritual Energy. You also have to fully waken all of the 10 Prime Meridians before you awaken your Martial Spirit."

Arthur privately disagreed. He knew he had to have the best foundations

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