Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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and with the jade slip, he was able to do two things at once.

Hung could see the doubt, "Qian Arthur, if the Meridians being opened was so important, why do the levels of the Martial Stages focus on the Dantian instead? I tell you what, you can stay here with us until you can use your Yuan Qi. At that point we can look at your potential. If it is low, you focus on your Meridians, it if is normal or high, you must focus on your Dantian."

Arthur decided to push matters off. He wasn't prepared to strike out on his own until he could master basic cultivation skills. He wasn't scared of fighting, he was scared of not being adequately prepared to fight. And as for the decision of which to focus on, it had already been decided, he was going to refine both his Dantian and Meridians at the same time. He had a feeling that the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether cultivation method was more advanced than the Xiantian Realm. He had purposefully not read the later chapters - sometimes too much knowledge was detrimental to growth.

He changed his schedule, no longer trying to cultivate at night, instead he tried to carry out the Yoga practice. But he found he started to both get tired and hungry. Instead of depressing himself, this actually was his first solid proof that his Dantian and cultivation method was working. The energy he was absorbing was at least replenishing his energy. So he alternated active cultivation with active Yoga at night.

During the day, he ran "yuanqi_practice" whilst he either worked or practiced his katas. Since Tang Hung was no longer allowing him in the classed, he tried a trick he had read in a book - he either changed the speed of his moves or went backwards in the kata.

After a couple of weeks of this routine, he realized that he had been feeling a difference for a couple of days. His breath had been shadowed by a strange force. It felt like Spiritual Essence, but not quite.

He tried to grab a hold of it and he managed to get him some. He immediately turned on "yuanqi_practice" and started pushing this Yuan Qi into his Dantian. It resisted going in, he started to strain, sweat dripping off of his nose. It finally squeezed its way into the large Dantian. Tang Hung had told him to at least fill his Dantian up over halfway before he started trying to cultivate.

He spent the rest of the night filling it up. Once he got some confidence in his approach, actually, once the Yuan Qi could easily enter the Dantian, he captured a new executable, "yuanqi_fill". Eventually he would stop "yuanqi_practice" once he could always detect the Yuan Qi.

As the morning sun started to climb its way up the sky, he started pushing the Spirit Essence into his Dantian as well. And surprise, oh, surprise, he was able to make the Yuan Qi absorb the Spirit Essence and produce Spiritual Qi. As the Spiritual Qi condensed, it dripped down to the bottom his Dantian, "plink." In turn, he noticed the corresponding Yuan Qi drifted out of his Dantian, back into his body, diffusing itself out of his sight.

He thought, "Aii, that is why you need a pool of Yuan Qi to quickly feed the whole process. I wonder if each of gathering the Yuan Qi, the Spiritual Qi, and mixing of them is sequential in nature? If so, I see why it is so slow and why adding refining the Meridians would make it take too long."

As the Qi condensed, he could visibly feel his energy drain. He supposedly had enough energy to fill half of the Dantian, but he wondered about the fact that his Dantian was two sizes too big.

He waited until he was sure of the processes and had filled a quarter of

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