Serialized Science Fiction.

Strange Origins
Tom Haynes

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his Dantian up with Spiritual Qi. Then he started capturing the different processes and recording them as programs on the jade slip.

Once those were all running stably, he immediately started trying to connect his Yang Linking Meridian to his Dantian. He could sense the Meridian thanks to the instructions in the Comprehensive Transmission of Auric Ether. But he couldn't sense the pathway between the two.

He inserted himself into a strand of the Spiritual Qi and aimed himself to the Linking Meridian. He then set himself into the Yang Linking Meridian and strove to bring the two strands of himself together. He didn't tell himself how to move, he just let the Spiritual Qi find its own way.

He couldn't use either Spiritual Essence or Yuan Qi for this step. Spiritual Essence belonged to the Heaven and Earth, while Yuan Qi belonged to himself. He needed something that went against the Heaven and Earth.

Also, quite frankly, the Yuan Qi was much harder to replenish. That was the largest factor. Instead of packing the Spiritual Qi into the Dantian, trying to gather enough to get to the next level of Martial Refiner, he had to use it to construct a tunnel to the Meridian. The Qi just could not flow willy-nilly to the Meridian, it would diffuse into his cells, cleansing them, but still wasteful in the long run. Instead, each and every step of the way, he had to pack that Spiritual Qi down, tampering it into a pathway.

And, of course, that drained his energy so much faster. When he finally had to stop, he had an eighth of a tank in his Dantian and the shortest tunnel possible. He jammed a Spiritual Qi into it and started a new program on the jade slip to hold it in place. You were supposed to do it all in one go, but since he was willing to throw the effort away once he knew it worked, he was willing to see if he could find a loop hole.

He had to stop the generation of Spiritual Qi, but just tracking the Yuan Qi and storing it took no noticeable energy drain. As he eyes opened, he saw Tang Hung squatting in front of him.

Chapter 9: A brave new world, or Breaking up is hard to do

Tang Hung looked him straight in the eyes, "You've broken through, haven't you? Pushing Yuan Qi?"

Arthur blinked several times, "Yes, I've stored about an eighth of my Dantian with Spiritual Qi. I'm exhausted, does it get easier?"

Hung snorted, "Just like muscles, eventually you should be able to build your endurance and strength. It will still take energy, but you can pace yourself better." He flipped his hand over and the Spiritual Crystal Ball popped up.

"Trying to get rid of me?" Arthur asked.

"Lol, no, lets find out what we are working with here," replied his mentor.

Arthur lost himself for a bit again. First the Beastie Boys quote and now "lol". How did these cultural references creep in? Were there more transmigrators? Could he just ask Tang Hung?

Instead, he reached his hands out and mindful of how Hung already knew he had really started cultivating, he could cultivate!, he grasped the orb and poured his hard earned Spiritual Qi into it.

Hung reminded him, "I know it sucks, but either you emit some Yuan Qi or you have to empty out your Dantian. Either will trigger your potential."

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